After Bankruptcy Credit Card


Indigo Platinum Credit Card


Most people that have had a previous bankruptcy have little to no chance in acquiring a credit card for themselves. Although now with the Indigo® Unsecured Mastercard® – Prior Bankruptcy is Okay.

With the Indigo credit card you may have the best chance to get approved for a credit card after your bankruptcy. It may even boost and re-build your credit.


Don’t Worry about a previous Bankruptcy with Indigo®

  • Complete our Pre-Qualification form and our CardConnnection tool will determine if you are pre-qualified based on your credit profile.Get started now.


Terms and Conditions


Depending on your credit profile, CardConnection may find one of the following Annual Fee/APR combinations:

**The Annual Fee that you pre-qualify for will be determined based on our review of your credit profile. Not everyone will qualify for the lowest APR and/or Annual Fee.


Annual Fee APR
$0 23.9%
$59 23.9%
$75 the first year, $99 thereafter 23.9%


 Offered By: Genesis FS Card Services.


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