Cerulean Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card because you have been turned down previously? Well, with the Cerulean credit card issued by Continental Finance you can rest assured they will try anything possible to see it that your chances will be considered.

They have partnered with Discover and MasterCard  for the Cerulean Card.

Continental Finance Cerulean Discover® credit card

Continental Finance Credit Cards

  • Use your Cerulean card at locations everywhere Discover® is accepted
  • Make Low Monthly Payments on all your card purchases!
  • Poor Credit? No Credit? No Problem

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Quick Summary:
This offer is issued by Continental Finance as well. They will check your credit report and depending on the score you will be accepted or declined. Also depending on your credit score your interest rate can vary from one application from another. Our research shows the lowest  an APR variable rate of 29.99%

Important Rates:
This card does not have a typical introductory APR’s like most credit cards do. There is an annual fee of $75** for this card.


Continental Finance Cerulean MasterCard credit card


Cerulean Credit Card


The Cerulean MasterCard issued by the Continental Finance company has come up with a card like their Matrix, Reflex, and Verve cards. The Cerulean is geared to people that have poor credit. As with any card you should always review the terms of conditions. This card has attached fee’s for it’s membership.


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