After Bankruptcy Credit Card

The Indigo Mastercard®

Indigo credit card

Most people that have had a previous bankruptcy have little to no chance in acquiring a credit card for themselves. Although now with the The Indigo Mastercard®  you can apply for credit without worry.
With the Indigo credit card you may have the best chance to get approved for a credit card after your bankruptcy. It may even boost and re-build your credit.

Don’t Worry about a previous Bankruptcy with Indigo

  • The Indigo Mastercard® offers those with less than perfect credit the chance to build a positive payment history, without the need for a security deposit. Unlike a debit card, the Indigo card reports to the three major credit bureaus, plus you get the added benefits of Mastercard fraud protection.

How can this card help me build a good payment record?

By making regular on-time monthly payments, you can demonstrate the kind of financial responsibility that many lenders look for when evaluating your creditworthiness. Your payment history with the Indigo Mastercard is reported to all three major credit bureaus and making on-time payments can help you build a good payment record.

Why is a good payment record important?

Establishing a good payment record may help you qualify for better rates on mortgages, car loans, and other forms of credit.