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Best Cards for Bad Credit



Do You Have Bad Credit?

Learn what the best cards are for you if you have bad credit. First, you need to find out your credit score which determines what kind of credit you have. When you are reviewing a credit score where the range runs from 300 – 850, you can generally assume that if you have a low score you might have a harder time getting approved for a card.


Secure Credit Cards

A secure credit card is an option that allows you to rebuild your credit history when you have bad credit. This is because it is secured by a certain amount of cash that you deposit in an account with the company that provides you the credit card. Learn More.


Benefits of Bad Credit Cards
Bad credit credit cards come with a few benefits, of which the most important is that it allows you to improve your credit score. Learn More.


Cash Back
Cashback credit cards are nothing new, they have been around since more than 15 years, and they are still very popular. If you are someone who pays off the balances at the end of every month and do not really require a very low APR or interest rate, then cashback is something that is important to you.  Learn More